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Restoring hope to return you or your loved ones to the community as a self-sufficient, productive individual who has hope and a future
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William’s Restoration of Hope (WROH) provides a safe, therapeutic environment. Our services support sustainable recovery and a purpose-driven quality of life. We provide clients with the confidence that they are receiving the highest possible level of professional care. The treatment of mental health and addiction requires that we address each patient’s individual needs. We make sure we provide personalized programs tailored toward each patient’s strengths and interests.

Our Goal

William’s Restoration of Hope provides supportive wraparound services in a safe and secure environment that is conducive to recovery from substance abuse and other life-impacting issues. Structured to meet the needs of our community, our goal, based on self-improvement opportunities, is to return to the community a self-sufficient, productive individual who has hope and a future. WROH will be viewed as an organization that sets the standard for person-centered care utilizing programs that accompany our clients to live vital and productive lives.

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Restoring Hope One Day at a Time

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